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Day 32: Wake Forest with Bill & Lezlie Rusin and the kids

April 6, 2000

7:40A - Babies coughing and dog licking my arm. the second i open my eyes,
Lezlie's son Trevor asks "are you too tired to take me to school with my mom and we can wook at your punch bug"
max rusinMe: "no, i would love to." 

Max dug right into my provisions - apparently he is quite adept at tearing apart wallets and hiding contents in mysterious cubby holes.

  That's god-son Maxwell and god-daughter Melanie to my Don Steve Butcher.

max rusin, farmer lezlie and melanie rusin

max rusin co-pilot of smartbeetle8:15A - Trevor brings his 1/18 scale model of the SmartBeetle with him to school for show and tell. i can barely keep my eyes open after being up til 4am on the web.

12:00P - Lunch with sister Lezlie & her husband Bill in Durham at Schlotsky's. He's lined up a tee time for 1:36P for the three of us. R&R.
No she's not a cowboy, it was the only hat in the car to keep the wind from blowing her hair into knots. 

lezlie rusin co-pilot

1:00P - Bill took the afternoon off, and the three of us went out for 18 holes in Crossings at Grove Park, NC.
Michelob Light was the beer can of choice. She came by every 4 holes like clockwork. 80F degrees and no clouds. the wind made it an interesting day.
I shot a 103, whoops 105...not bad for the first time in 3 months. and we lost 30 - 40 balls in the water messing around.

As Lezlie and I sliced them into the water, Bill would go in fishing and come out with 6 more.

knowing when to regrip your ball retriever

8:00P - loaded the "guys" up in the SmartBeetle and went to Las Margarita's for Enchiladas & Burrito's. excelente! Lezlie showed up late and we finished the night by picking up Star Wars: Episode I on video tape.

3:00A - Phone call, Dimetappe Grape flavor and i am off to bed.
I hope this stuff clears up the congestion.

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