Guiding the SmartBeetle through Mississippi

Day 1: Leaving Vermont for Boston

March 6, 2000

5:17p EST: Left Vermont south on I-100 for Boston. Late as ever and friends will be meeting me at the Miracle of Science in Cambridge, MA. After only 10 miles out of Warren, sugar shack leaving VermontI see a sugar shackspreading massive white smoke out its stack most likely making syrup. My sister and brother-in-law gave me 2 books on sugarin' for Christmas. As prime sugar season is mid march to midapril, it looks like i won't get the chance to try my hand at it this year.

8:15p EST: Arrived in Boston 3 hours later to a crowd - Scott, Charley, Will, Todd, Margot, Phil, Nancy, Linda, Joe, Janet, Dawn, Chuck, Tracy, Nicole, Caroline, etc. Drank many many Harpoon UFO pints. Asleep in the Boston studio by 1AM. What a nice send-off...and i only lost $220 in spoof.

1:00a EST: Bedtime in Boston.

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Music of the Day

  • REM all the way

Ballast Update

  • All fluids full, loaded with vests, postcards and business cards

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