Guiding the SmartBeetle through Mississippi

Day 2: Boston to Corning, NY

March 7, 2000

first beetlevision mobile webcam shot5:17p: Ended up staying the day in Boston (a bit tired from a late night of spoofing). Worked at Harpoon on database for new Friends of Harpoon program. Iimporting and web development all day. The question of the day is - "who owns the goofy looking car with the mountains on top?"

Left Boston heading due west at 5:17PM EST. I-90 to Albany is the first leg - should make it by 8:30PM or so.

smartbeetle in BostonIts getting windy and the rooftop sign is holding up just fine.
We'll see after 1000 miles is completed how shaken up it gets.

7:30p: just entered New York - a bit ahead of schedule. Looking at the Toll Ticket, i have decided to alter the route and head south west at Schenectady, NY down I-88. Then on to Highway 17 all the way to Erie, PA.

Just made 'reservations' for 4 nights in Traverse City, MI starting tomorrow at the Bay Side Inn downtown

11:50p: Corning NY....nothing on the road, no sights to see.

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Music of the day

  • Dragstrip Courage
  • Cirque de Solei
  • Bare Naked Ladies: Gordon
  • Sinead: Do Not Want...
  • Counting Crows x2.
  • Most played radio song - Matchbox20's 3AM (caught it 5 times?)

Ballast Update

  • Started out with 48 vests and 1500 postcards. Down to 42 vests and about 1480 postcards. Slow going, but i suspect it will pick up in Michigan. Just finished 3rd quart of H20