the smartbeetle returns to Boston

Day 45: Boston day 3

April 19, 2000

8:20A - awake with what feels like a broken nose due most likely to a visit from the gorilla. ouch.

10:30A - through downtown Boston and off to Harpoon Brewery for a meeting and more work on the laptop.

2:00P - Liz and I walk to Pete's from some hearty (read: HEAVY) lunch. I opt for the gut grenade stuffed green peppers, mashed potatoes and bottle of milk.

mike gendron aka frenchy5:05P - Left the wharf headed south to Southie. Frenchy is waiting for me at he and his brother's new condo. A quick phone call and game of CART racing on PlayStation and we are out to goof around Beantown one last night.


it's 7:45P and we're back at the Last Drop. Banksy arrives on schedule and we are off on another night of reminiscing tales of romance and adventure. Brett is working the bar and the light Summer leaves us smiling.

11:10P - I think we have Mike convinced to plan a European trip in the coming years for his students in Quincy.

12:31A - on the home in a yellow cab (again!)

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One day to go...

I can't believe Lent has come and gone and i have driven over 11,000 miles in just over 44 days.

It feels strange to be back in Boston after seeing so many places and so many faces on the road.

If anything, this trip was both necessary and therapeutic. I worked out some demons, witnessed some more demons i never knew existed and am basically forced to cut some ties i never wanted to - the bonus being, i have formed a few i never expected and one, specifically, i have wanted to strengthen for nearly 2 years.

Tomorrow will be a big day and final leg - i hope i am up for it!