petaluma, sonoma county

Day 13: Sonoma County & The Golden Gate Bridge

March 18, 2000

Picked up Dave Houle after his flight in from LA. Drove to the Hotel to drop off his houle, butcher and monsonstuff, then a stop on Broadway to see surf-bums Joe, Frank & Greg. Then a quick course correction and the drive North into Sonoma County.

Finally made it to Petaluma and Chris & Martha Monson's house. Chase & Blake got to play on the 3 Mountains...

chase monson

blake monson 

Petaluma Barber Shop in the middle of nowhere hits home and kicks off our drive south to San Francisco

barber shop

The drive back was nearing dusk, so we lit up the sign in the Rainbow tunnel and started a horn symphony with golden gate carsabout 30 other cars. Laughter and singing to Def Leppard brought on staring from the cars around us. Then waving and picture taking and swerving. Pedestrians on the Golden Gate Bridge were dazed and confused.

Met up with my first "other" Blue Beetle - they were a bit shocked at the sight of us.

we drove into the city and stopped in the Presidio for a few choice bay city snapshots.3hills golden gate

I think the Peter Cetera and the view got Dave to thinking he was Ralph Macchio

dave karate

...or maybe Sly (wasn't that Philadelphia?)

dave houle is sly

sunset over the bay

sunset over san francisco bay

Once we got back to the city, we picked up Jonathan, dropped the SmartBeetle off at the Palomar and cabbed it to the Kilowatt in the Mission to meet Alyson & Jason. Pushing and shoving were the norm with the patrons. Home to get some shut-eye. I'm glad i didn't bring the camera.

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Music of the day

  • Hand-made MP3 CD from Monson
    • Def Leppard: Photograph
    • No Doubt
    • Guns 'n' Roses
    • U2: Sweetest Thing