atlanta with carrie eubanks

Day 28: Atlanta with Carrie Eubanks

April 2, 2000

cracker barrell food (carrots by PictSweet)Kicked on the Idiot Box and watched a mom-from-"growing pains" movie of the week. 

Got showered and shaved and we headed to CrackerBarrel in North Atlanta for the Breakfast Sampler and French Toast. Lazy days and sundays always get me up.


Met the gang at NETC after work for a Shandy at the Rose & Crown.

NETC Atlanta including carrie, Sara, Sara and Dan Merrett NETC Atlanta at the Rose & Crown 

An hour later, we were back watching Defending Your Life on the couch. If there is an afterlife, this is exactly how i imagine it. Moving pictures of your entire life (from your and other's perspectives).

Full circle with Cazmo. Up late again, rehashing stories about spiders.
Working on the web alone in the dark at Caz's til 5:31AM.

My last Time Zone modification forces a full upload of all images which takes for ever.
i can't be bothered to research a fix.

and i could stop it, but i collapse and suck it up - $10 of long distance.

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Music of the day

  • Elvis - of course!
  • Sinead
  • REM: Green
  • Sugar